Wednesday, October 20, 2004

What were the first 5 rock records/songs?(draft)

There is varity to the first 5 rock records. From the blues to gospel to jazz to counrty music rock has been influences and formed from all of them. The first rock record "Jazz at the Philharmonic: Blues, Part 2" was created in 1944. The second rock record is by Joe Liggins intitled
"The Honeydripper" created in 1945. The third rock record is by Helen Humes intitled "Be-Baba-Leba" also created in 1945. The forth record is by Freddie Slack intitled "House Of Blue Lights" created in 1946. The fifth and final of the five records is by Big Boy Crudup intitled "That's All Right" created in 1946 also.


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